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Building Brighter Futures With the PATH2Online Career Discovery Program

From high school students to people in career transition, PATH2 helps people determine which careers they’ll love and be great at

Everyone wants a career they love that will make them enough money to enjoy a comfortable life. Juniors and seniors start to make these considerations as they wrap up their high school years and consider where to attend college. Adults who find themselves in transition (e.g., from military to civilian life, jobless due to the pandemic) or who are simply unhappy in their current job also wonder which steps will land them where they want to be.

These choices can be exciting, but they can also be nerve-wracking.

High school students may be wondering:

* What would be a good career for me?
* How will I know what to major in?
* Which college should I choose?
* What resources are available to help me?

Parents of college-bound high schoolers also want to make sure that they and their children are minimizing college debt.

Adults in career transition may be wondering:

* What careers would make me happier and more successful?
* What jobs are even available to me at this stage of my life with my current skill set?
* What can I do to sustain myself now that certain industries (e.g., travel, hospitality) are in jeopardy due to the pandemic?
* What tools exist to help me identify my best-fit job options?

The career discovery program from PATH2 is a clear response to all of these needs and concerns, and it’s not like any other tool the career-guidance market has ever seen.

PATH2 is passionate about helping the:

* Roughly 70% of Americans who are unhappy in their job right now.
* Large numbers of Americans who are currently out of work.
* 70% of high school students who are planning to go to college.
* Majority of college students who realize that their initial major selection is not right for them.
* Hundreds of thousands of veterans making the often-difficult transition from the military into a civilian career.

The Career-Guidance Program That Shows, Not Tells

Most career assessments are inaccurate, unreliable, and disempowering. People answer a bunch of questions, then some “mystery algorithm” spits out a list of 10, 20, or even 100+ careers that are supposed to be “right for you.” Those tests never explain why the careers they recommend are supposed to be the “right” choice, or how to determine which is the best fit. Even worse, different career tests provide very different results. It’s hard to tell which one is right.

PATH2 is the only career-guidance program that takes into account…

5 Important Aspects of YOU

1. Aptitudes
2. Personality
3. Interests
4. Preferences
5. Traits

This program is NOT a test, and it doesn’t spit out pre-programmed results. Instead, PATH2 empowers people to determine which career…

* They’ll be great at and passionate about.
* Has an attractive salary.
* Has great growth potential.

The PATH2 program helps connect the unique aspects of people with the unique aspects of careers so they can determine their best-fit career. It also helps students determine the best college major to launch into their chosen career.

By providing reliable information within a clear, structured process, PATH2 empowers people to determine which career will bring them both happiness and success.

“We don’t TELL people which careers are right for them,” says PATH2 Vice President and spokesperson Dave DesRochers. “We empower people to make great choices based on what matters most to them.”

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